Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aspie Special Interests

One of my big obsessive interests lately has been languages and linguistics. I've been rampaging through all the libraries I can find looking for stuff on linguistics, especially historical linguistics, linguistic typology, and English dialects. I have also become interested in constructed languages, and am creating my own, a science fiction language descended from American English called Eridanian.

Here is a sample of Eridanian, the Lord's Prayer:

O Faarr Vos en Habn,
boNeem Vii boid haali.
BoRoow Vii boidonkom,
BoViu Vii boidonbedon,
en davoud loox en Habn.
Shujiheupos tsovoof tadadei,
shujifogivos tsens vos,
n veifogivam tadoos
de' deisen etwos.
Shujiin'leedos irrou raagdoon,
bo' shujiiseevos fraa eevu.
Kos bodarou, pawo, n qoorei
bomo au Vii, fravo n avo.

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