Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas was very good. My 3yo nephew was being a adorable little brat that can't stop talking, like usual. My 11yo niece got a Wii Fit Plus and we having a lot of fun with it (YAY, YOGA!!!). Mom, like usual, made good food (except the ribs, I HATE ribs, messing with ribs sets off my executive dysfunction, GAH!!!). The only problems were the Christmas snowstorm, which made me have to shovel my mom's driveway 3 days in a row, and the dry air in my mom's house, which was really bad for my sinuses.

On the plus side I got a bunch of new clothes from my mom and my sister, eyeglasses cleaning stuff from my staff Steph, and $100 from my grandmother. I've spent about half on the money already on books on my latest special interest, meditation and Buddhism, LOL.

The only clothes I didn't like was a sweater made out of ACRYLIC FIBER! ACK!!! Itchy as Hell!

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